kuwait official languages arabic
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kuwait official languages arabic

23 Oct kuwait official languages arabic

When occurring at high levels, and in the absence of resilience factors, early adverse experiences can damage later parental attachment, nurturing, and protective behaviors, producing transgenerational cycles of trauma-spectrum neuropsychiatric illness (Chung et al., 2009; Logan-Greene, Green, Nurius, & Longhi, 2014; Stamoulis, Vanderwert, Zeanah, Fox, & Nelson, 2017). Child abuse, neglect and unusually stressful or traumatic rearing conditions are common pediatric health problems with a majority of Americans having experienced at least one of these kinds of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) (CDC, 2010; Flaherty et al., 2009). borderline personality) are surprisingly lacking. Prevalence, correlates, and associated suicide attempts, Pain complaints in a sample of psychiatric inpatients, Gender differences in the association of adult hopelessness with adverse childhood experiences, Sequelae of prospective versus retrospective reports of adverse childhood experiences, 10.2466/, The effects of early experiences upon the personal-social, heterosexual, and maternal behavior of rhesus monkeys, Neurobiological and psychiatric consequences of child abuse and neglect, Lower CSF oxytocin concentrations in women with a history of childhood abuse, the protective effect of family strengths in childhood against adolescent pregnancy and its long-term psychosocial consequences, The association between adverse childhood experiences and adolescent pregnancy, long-term psychosocial consequences, and fetal death, Adverse childhood experiences and sexual risk behaviors in women: A retrospective cohort study, Adverse childhood experiences and sexually transmitted diseases in men and women: A retrospective study, The association between adverse childhood experiences and risk of cancer in adulthood: A systematic review of the literature, Adverse childhood experiences, stressful life events or demographic factors: Which are important in women’s depression? nicotine addiction), elevated ACE scores are associated with increased risk of cancer and worse outcomes including earlier death due to lung cancer (Brown et al., 2010). This area of research holds potential for revealing a number of complex relationships between genetics and early life experiences that determine resilience, including the possibility that some genes may actually promote better brain function conditional on the individual having had adverse child experiences (Chung et al., 2008; Douglas et al., 2011; Hillis et al., 2010; Southwick & Charney, 2012). A study of 9,328 survey respondents found a strong, graded relationship between ACE scores and self-reported history of STDs (Hillis, Anda, Felitti, Nordenberg, & Marchbanks, 2000). A convergence of evidence from neurobiology and epidemiology, Abused boys, battered mothers, and male involvement in teen pregnancy, Childhood abuse, household dysfunction, and indicators of impaired adult worker performance, Adverse childhood experiences, alcoholic parents, and later risk of alcoholism and depression, Disparities in adverse childhood experiences among sexual minority and heterosexual adults: Results from a multi-state probability-based sample, Increased nocturnal activity associated with adverse childhood experiences in patients with primary insomnia, Adverse childhood experiences and physiological wear-and-tear in midlife: Findings from the 1958 British birth cohort, Childhood sexual abuse and psychosis: Data from a cross-sectional national psychiatric survey in England.

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