james barton live nation
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james barton live nation

23 Oct james barton live nation

The mke 600 is better value and a better mic than the ntg4 in my opinion. I keep the ntg3 … The third and final video in my exhaustive, three-part analysis of the Zoom H5 portable recorder is a shootout of shotgun microphones. While the first three are in the same price range (around $300) and therefore can be considered direct competitors, the Rode NTG3 … I did the comparison tests ntg2, 3, 4 and mke 600. I have both the NTG2 and NTG3 that I use with C100 / C300 in a run and gun style set up, the NTG3 is head and shoulders better and well worth the extra! I already own a ntg3 but needed phantom powered mic for bmcc/Bmpcc. I compared the sound of the separately available SGH-6 shotgun capsule against the Rode NTG-2 and NTG-3 … Also from memory Dave Dugdale did a comparison video with the Video Mic Pro and the NTG2 … We decided to evaluate a number of popular shotgun microphones and we came up with the following list: Sennheiser MKE 600, Audio Technica AT897, Rode NTG2 and Rode NTG3.

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